…voices travel as light down Hope Street…

Sound installation for Liverpool 2008 created in collaboration with sound artist Peter Appleton and writer Colin Dilnot: 25 September to 27 November 2008

Beams of light link the towers of the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals along Hope Street in Liverpool. These are laser beams. They will be visible on misty or rainy evenings. They are also the conduits for voices to be passed between the two buildings. The two buildings sing to each other. This is gentle and discreet ambience for reflection and contemplation. It is also a unique public instrument. You the listener have the opportunity to make yourself heard, by adding your own voice to the archive. We invite you to join us in giving voice. Find out more here.

...and on Thursday November 27 an event that is truly unique. Two choirs, one in each space, create an elegiac tapestry of voices. They are responding to the installation, and also to the unique acoustic properties of each architecture. A laser link makes for the possibility of live transmission between the two spaces. The singers give voice to a slowly unfolding harmony that is the unique resonance of both spaces as they vibrate in tune with each other. The outcome is an experience of listening that is a profound and inspirational testament to the dignity of our shared humanity. See calendar for full details.

This work is made possible with the support of Liverpool John Moores University, Arts Council of England and the Performing Right Society Foundation