...what they said...

"A rapt audience was transfixed by four exquisite blending voices,
humming in unison or shouting excitement to images of nature and odd
instruments; a timeless event. Pure magic on stage and screen."

"A wonderful theatrical experience...powerful and moving...the singers are terrific"

"This is a surrealistic listening experience; I could picture myself amidst an ancient,
prehistoric culture, huddled around a fire, trying to warm themselves physically and spiritually.
Truly remarkable. Many thanks!"

"This is such a wonderfully moving project! I applaud you for this endeavour."

"A total experience that conspired to invoke simplicity and brutality in humankind’s search for knowledge of the natural world."

"Neanderthal is a work of complex and fluid insistence.  It is light appearing to dance over thick blood, flesh that darkens and disappears.
It is a space where call and imitation signal both play and succour, and it offers something purely refreshing like the simple joys
that were found in the anticipation of a drop of water."